Miadolla Felt Craft Kit – Sleeping Owl


Miadolla Felt Craft Kit – Sleeping Owl

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Miadolla Felt Craft Kit – Sleeping Owl

All owls sleep during the daytime and are awake at night. But this one would argue with its nature. Sitting on the branch of a large old oak tree, it plans the day, thinking about a walk in the sunny forest. But the thoughts are vanishing and the owl begins to plunge into a deep day’s sleep. It seems that someone will have to postpone all the plans to the evening!


Felt toys could be settled on your backpack as a brooch or as a key ring toy. You may use these toys as Christmas tree decorations or assemble them into a baby cot mobile.



stranded cotton,


sewing needle, 


sewing pattern, 

illustrated instructions

Article TF-0231

Height, cm 10

Technique Sewing

Stuffing included

Sewing pattern grayscale on paper

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